About Nissan:

Nissan possesses demonstrated experience in digital projects development, team building, project planning, budgets, scheduling, quality assurance and product delivery.

Nissan is a resourceful producer who oversees projects from concept to final product, ensuring completion on time and within budget. As an enterprising performer, Nissan makes substantial contributions to the growth of an organization.

​Nissan is a graduate of Beit Zvi,Israel’s film and theater school. Nissan’s professional career has included work on large fortune 500 web development, mobile application and interactive marketing campaigns, social media development, feature films, commercials, television news, distance learning, streaming media and live music shows.

​He has also taken numerous film classes in New York. However, his interests are not limited to the entertainment world. Nissan is also a master carpenter and has worked jobs as both a NYC bike messenger and tour guide.

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